Westchester HarborView Realty Corp. (HVP)
Real Estate Investments, Development & Management

imgHVP is a diversified real estate organization that owns, operates and manages investment-grade properties. Founded in 1990, HVP's Principals have built a solid track record identifying new opportunities, acquiring assets and maximizing value through repositioning and revitalizing properties. The primary focus is Multi-family, Retail, Hospitality and Mixed-use assets. HVP is committed to providing quality products and services to our tenants, investors and partners.

Principal – HVP invests its own capital as a General Partner or may form a Limited Partnership with other Investors.

Operating Partner - Through its integrated platform, HVP handles everything from Acquisition, Due Diligence and Financing to Leasing and Property Management. HVP is an experienced and capable hands-on operating partner.

Advisory – HVP will sometimes act in the role of Real Estate Advisor to Foreign Investors, Trusts and Investment Funds who are aggressively pursuing U.S. assets. Such groups benefit immensely from HVP's local expertise and first-hand access to deals, both "on and off-market".


HVP is always interested in exploring new opportunities and forging new partnerships and relationships industry-wide.

To discuss any acquisition or management opportunities please call (914) 834-4488 or send an email.